The Fruit Kingdom

The appealing point of this fruit kingdom is that it has a large variety of delicious fruits.

At this company, we handle fruit from Nagano prefecture.

Over 80% of the growing areas in Nagano prefecture are over 500m in altitude, and there is a large difference in temperature

between day and night which is a characteristic of inland growing areas. As a result, the energy that is accumulated during the day,

does not need to be used at night. In addition, the amount of time the sun is out is one of the longest in Japan, so the fruit can soak

up plenty of sunshine as they grow, allowing the fruit to be full of flavor.

Because there is a range in altitude across a range of mountains both in the north and south, it is possible to grow a wide variety of

fruit. Of course in addition to this, the hard work and love that producers put in to make the fruit taste delicious is the secret to

growing such tasteful fruit.

A variety of fruit such as apples, grapes, peaches, nashi pears, nectarines, prunes, blueberries, plums, armenian plums, persimmons,

small plums and strawberries etc. are grown.

Nagano prefecture is ranked second in the production quantity of apples and grapes and ranked first in the production quantity of grapes

for wine, prunes and blueberries. From this, you can see that Nagano prefecture is ranked highly in the production of fruit.

At this company, we purchase fruit and sell them in urban areas and cities as well as export them to overseas locations too.

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